Private E-Bike Tour Prague

Explore Prague with ease on our Private E-Bike Tour Prague. The electric bikes allow you to glide through the city without breaking a sweat! Climbing up those steep hills for the magnificent views! You will see everything and even more and completely effortlessly. The Private E-Bike Tour Prague offers you to visit all the beautiful spots as on our Private Prague Bike Tour on regular bikes only more conveniently.

This tour gives you really the full comprehensive overview of Prague. On this Private E-Bike Tour Prague, you will cruise through all the little historical streets and squares and you will also enjoy Prague from a different perspective. You will love all the marvelous views from Prague’s best viewpoints and picture spots.

E-Bike Tour Prague The Way You Want It

On our comfortable electric bikes, you will cover in Prague what would be impossible on foot. The route and itinerary of your tour will be fitted to your needs and wishes. Do you want to see as much as possible? Get away from the crowds or find the best beer garden and just take it easy? Cruise along the river on bike paths or ride through the beautiful parks? Or maybe take it outside of the city, to see some of the Czech countryside such as the most visited castle in the Czech Republic – the Karlštejn Castle. See our Beyond Prague option for more details? Whatever your dreams and expectations are, we are here for you. To plan and execute on the highlight of your stay in Prague.

We will e-bike around the top sights in Prague such as the Prague Castle, the romantic Lesser Town, the Old Town – historical hearth of Prague, the New Town – not so new as it sounds – another very old historical district of Prague, the Jewish Quarter or even the Castle of Vyšehrad, which is our recommendation for this tour. Moreover, we will cruise through the wonderful parks and gardens of Prague to search for the best possible view.

Along the way, we’ll take breaks while the guide will talk about everything from the old Bohemian Kingdom, through the foundation of the first republic, the situation during the World War II, the Soviet occupation and the modern times after the Velvet revolution in 1989. We will talk about the traditions, habits, opinions, and thoughts of the Czech people. We will tell you the magical legends from old Prague and the funny stories of modern days.

Electric Bike Prague – Way To Defeat The Hills 

Prague city is built on a geographical location with quite a few hills. Which of course is one of the reasons why the city is so astonishing and everywhere you go amazing views open up to you. It does not, however, create the best conditions for biking – unlike other cities, that have been predestined to biking for its flat surface – such as Amsterdam for example. Biking in Prague can be quite a challenge for some, but the use of electric bikes eliminates this concern. You will glide up those hills on an e-bike with a breeze in your hair.

Other concern people sometimes have is safety. Is it safe to bike in Prague? Yes, if you know how and where. On our E-Bike Tours in Prague, we do not ride on the main roads and highways and we also try to avoid the overcrowded pedestrian zones. We know the best routes, where you will feel comfortable, safe and also fascinated with the relaxed atmosphere and beauty of the surroundings.

Photos from Private E-Bike Tour Prague

Fully Adjustable Ebike Tour Prague

As all of our tours, everything can be fully adjusted and perfectionalized to your liking. The length of the tour, the pace, the focus of the tour – whether you like to know every historical detail or visit secret viewpoints and the best photo spots. Whether you like to visit the main sites or go off the beaten path hunting authenticity and local places.

Depending on the tour length, lunch can be included to maintain energy for the whole day. Or at least a short beer stop to freshen up. In a full day, you can really cover everything important in Prague and get a detailed overview of the city. If you wish a standard tour – the 3 hours will give you just a great sum up of everything you need to know about the historical center of Prague.

And have you thought about going countryside – outside of Prague? We can do that too. A great option is a trip to Karlštejn Castle, with the option of the train ride on the way back. Talk to us, we will present you the best suitable tour plan for you.

In addition to that, you can combine this ebike tour with our other offers! For example Half Day Private Walking Tour Prague – a half day spend on electric bikes (to get the overview) and half day walking (to get the detailed information from the historical city center) is an excellent combination! During the booking process via email and later with the guide personally at the start of the tour, you can tell us all your wishes and expectations. Should you just want “show me the best” and don’t worry about anything, it’s is a great choice too.

Private E-Bike Tour Prague Information

  • 2 – 5 hours
  • E-Bike Tour
  • Your desired points of interest
  • Price from €49,- per person

The recommended tour length is 2 – 5 hours. The starting point of this tour is at Naměstí Republiky but can be arranged upon agreement for an extra fee and you can have the bikes and your private guide waiting for you in front of your hotel. Starting time of the tour is completely your choice.

Price for this tour is starting from €49,- per person.

It is your tour, your holiday. And we are here as your advisors, guides, and friends to make it count. Contact us for any questions or requests. We are sure you’ll have a great time on your Private E-Bike Tour Prague.

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