Electric Scooter Prague Private Tour

Looking for a fun and easy way to get around the city? Try our electric scooters! They are super fun to ride and you get to see places you wouldn’t get to by walking. On the Electric Scooter Prague tour, you get a really nice overview of Prague delivered the fun way. You will have so much fun cruising through all the historical little streets and squares plus you will get to see Prague from a different perspective. All the different parks you can conveniently ride up to offer marvelous views. Your personal guide will show you the best view spots in Prague.

On our e-scooters, you will be able to reach some of Prague’s best viewpoints and picture spots. And the e-scooters are really just fun to ride on their own, we are sure you will enjoy cruising and racing through the different Prague parks. You decide what you want to focus on! Want to see as much as possible? Or just cruise around having fun? Get away from the crowds or find the best beer garden and just take it easy? Cruise along the river on bike paths or ride through the beautiful parks? Just talk to us or your guide. We are here to make it the ride of your life.. well, at least of your holiday :).

Electric Scooter Are Just So Much Fun

You will glide the e-scooters around the main sites such as the Prague Castle, the romantic Lesser Town, the Old Town – historical hearth of Prague, the New Town, the Jewish Quarter or even the castle Vyšehrad (which is our recommendation for this tour). Moreover, along the way, you will cruise through many different beautiful parks and gardens of Prague to and enjoy the best views for your holiday photos.

Along the way, we’ll make short photo stops while the guide will inform you about everything from the old Bohemian Kingdom, through the foundation of the first republic, the situation during the World War II, the Soviet occupation and the modern times after the Velvet revolution in 1989 as well as the current situation. Between the e-scooter riding, we will talk about the traditions, habits, opinions, and thoughts of the Czech people. We will tell you the magical legends from old Prague and the funny stories of modern days.

Depending on the tour length, lunch or a short beer stop can be included to take a little rest. The standard tour time – the 3 hours will give you just a great sum up of everything you need to know about the historical center of Prague. Talk to us, we will present you the best suitable tour plan for you.

Photos From Electric Scooter Prague Private Tour

Fully Adjustable Electric Scooter Prague Private Tour

As all of our tours, everything can be fully adjusted and perfectionalized to your liking. The length of the tour, the pace, the focus of the tour – whether you like to know every historical detail or visit secret viewpoints and the best photo spots. Whether you like to visit the main sites or go off the beaten track hunting authenticity or modern art. Whatever your idea is.

You can also combine this tour with our other tours, such the Half Day Private Walking Tour – Walking Tour Prague – what about a half walking, to get detailed information about the city and then reward yourself with an E-Scooter Tour with some beer stops along the way to take it easy. Or another tip: Start with the Electric Scooter Prague Private Tour and then follow it with the Private Beer Tasting Tour – Best Craft Beer Mini-Breweries. With the same guide if you like! Talk to us or simply just book together!

Electric Scooter Prague Private Tour Information

  • 2 – 4 hours
  • E-Scooter Tour
  • Your desired points of interest
  • Price from €59,- per person

The recommended tour length is 2 – 4 hours. Meeting point of this tour is fixed, just a few minutes walk from the Old Town Square, but can be arranged upon agreement for an extra fee. Starting time of the tour is completely your choice.

Price for this tour is starting from €59,- per person.

It is your tour, your holiday. And we are here as your advisors, guides, and friends to make it count. Contact us for any questions or requests. We are sure you’ll have a great time with your Electric Scooter Prague Private Tour.

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