Private Beer Tasting Tour – Best Craft Beer Mini-Breweries

If you go to Prague, drink beer! Czech people drink the most beer per capita in a year in the world. And that by far – almost 50% more than the second biggest consumer. Beer is considered to be the national drink and the Czech Republic (Bohemia back then) has been brewing it since the Middle Ages. The Czech breweries set the world standards until present days. You can taste the world’s top quality beer in Prague. Find out more about this golden liquid phenomenon at our Beer Tour Prague. Not only find out but most importantly taste and experience it on your own.

On this private tour, you will visit Prague’s best and most influential microbreweries. You will have the chance to sample 10 different types of traditional Czech beer. You will get to taste different traditional light and dark beers and seasonal brews. Our Private Beer Tour Prague is a great way how to get up to speed with the beer history and learn what is all the fuss about. All of that from your own private beer guide.

You will also taste some of the most popular beer snacks (called Czech beer tapas by some). Get your taste cells ready for the unusual flavors.

Enjoy Beer Tasting Tour Prague With Your Personal Guide

Private Beer Tour Prague

As all of our tours, also the beer tour Prague is a private tour. So you can skip the uninteresting stuff and focus on what is important for you. You will have the guide’s full attention straight from the beginning.

You will get the guide’s full attention as there are no other tourists with you on this tour. You can ask and talk about anything you want.

The private guide is a beer expert and will explain to you about the history of Czech beer and tell you all the interesting facts. Where did this tasty liquid come from? You will learn about the brewing traditions and the meaning of beer to the Czech people throughout the centuries. Your private tour guide will explain to you everything about the beer brewing process, the different types of beer, traditions, and history of beer in the Czech Republic.

Prague Brewery Tour – Best Craft Microbreweries

There are more than 200 breweries in the Czech Republic. A lot for a nation with 10 million inhabitants. Prague itself has a large number of breweries. Next, to the big brewery of nationwide brand Staropramen, there are dozens of small and microbreweries scattered around the city.

Between the different restaurants, you will move walking. There is not too much walking involved, but you will see some of the city sights and have a chance to talk about history too.

There will be plenty of time to talk in the restaurants in between learning about the different beer types and tasting the samples. You can use that time to talk about the rich history of the Czech Republic and ask your private guide about anything you like to know.

Photos from Private Beer Tasting Tour – Best Craft Beer Mini-Breweries

Fully Adjustable Beer Tour Prague

In all of our tours, everything can be fully adjusted and perfectionalized to your liking. The length of the tour, the pace. We don’t want to rush you with your beers. If you want to take it easy on the Beer Tour Prague, be it so. You will have the guide’s full attention and you can focus the tour on what truly matters to you. During the booking process via email and later with the guide personally at the start of the tour, we will talk about all your wishes and expectations.

You can also combine this tour with some of our other tours. Very popular is to follow the Beer Tour Prague with our Private Nightlife Guide – Prague Party. You can continue with the same guide to show you around the best live music venues and other bars, beer halls and whatever you might be interested in.

Private Beer Tasting Tour – Best Craft Beer Mini-Breweries Information

  • 4 hours
  • Beer tasting walking tour
  • Price from €55,- per person

The recommended tour length is 4 hours. Your guide will be waiting for you at the arranged spot (usually your hotel) and the arranged time (usually 8:00 or 9:00 am).

Price for this tour is starting from €55,- per person.

It is your holiday, your time. And we are here as your advisors, guides, and friends to make the most out of it. Contact us for any questions or requests. We are sure you’ll have a great time with your Private Beer Tasting Tour Prague – Best Craft Beer Mini-Breweries.

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