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About Us – Prague Tours by Private Tours Prague

We specialize in private and personal tours inside and beyond Prague. We believe only on a private tour the highest standard of service can be achieved. That is why all our tours are private and fully adjustable. Our main focus is on individual approach to our clients from the beginning to the end. We want to create Prague tours the way we would like to experience it when visiting this beautiful city. Our mission is to create unforgettable memories!

Authentic Prague Tours

We are a locally owned and operated company. As Prague became a popular tourist destination, many global companies appeared to serve the tourist masses. We are not a franchise of any big tour operator found everywhere on the globe. We are authentic and local.

Truly Personal Guides

Private Tours Prague

Our tours are delivered by experienced and professional guides. Group of people brought together by true love to the city of Prague and having fun with meeting people from all around the world. We love Prague and spend most of our time out in the streets of our beloved city.

All of our guides are experienced professionals, everyone with their own little special field of expertise (i.e. history, mystic legends, contemporary art, politics, nightlife). Much of the same way as all of our clients are different, so are our guides and everyone has their own personal attachment to Prague and own unique stories and opinions to tell.

There are more than 1,2 million people living in the city of Prague. And everyone has their own story, own background. Their own interests and hobbies. We are all people. What we share is unconditional love to the city of Prague and that we really enjoy meeting new people and encounter cultures from all over the world.

Personalized Prague Tours

We provide tours in all the world languages. Mainly it is English and German, but other languages include French, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Spanish or even Chinese. Basically, any language can be arranged upon wish, please contact us to arrange a tour in your language!

Our experience allows us to adapt to the wishes and needs of our clients to make them ours. We want to make your stay in Prague as memorable, fantastic and fun as possible. All our efforts serve one single purpose: to make our clients happy and create unforgettable memories.

Our Main Mission

We don’t like huge crowds and pre-made tours all being the same, non-personal and boring. We don’t like to be treated as numbers when we travel ourselves, so we don’t want to treat our customers that way either. We believe that everyone is different and expects something else from city exploration. Everyone wants to spend time differently and focus on something else. We want to deliver our Prague tours, so our guests feel special and really enjoy their time with us. Everyone has a different taste and wants to experience travel differently. Therefore our biggest mission is personal approach to each of our clients and that’s we put a lot of weight on open dialogue about your expectations and wishes right from the beginning.